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As you probably know, the Pens have been having prospect camp. No one in PH-land has been able to attend prospect camp, so we recommend checking out the vids/commentary from Eric P at Pensblog:
day 1
day 2
day 3
Prospect camp concludes tomorrow with a 3pm practice at Southpointe.
We may update this post later with info from friends who got to attend camp today/earlier in the week.
Also, does Eric Tangradi’s voice scare anybody else? It’s so deep. Kind of unreal.

You know it’s summer ’cause there’s some big time video about installing carpet:

CEC got the Frozen Four in 2013. Wooooo and stuff, yeah you probably knew all this already.
But it is July and we’ve got nothing.
We’re trying to put together some kind of coloring activity for everybody.

Last post, somebody suggested a Blingee challenge. So, we present:
The Jailbait Blingee Challenge!
Blingee current prospects from around the NHL and/or European leagues.
For players who are now older than 21, feel free to use an old picture.
The winner will receive a secret prize package to be determined later, but all submissions will be posted for your enjoyment/seizure.

Don’t be shy! E-mail to and use “U-21 Championships” as your subject line.


update: some news going on about the Pens’ Winter Classic sweater.  *tingle*


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