apocalyptically terrible

First off, everyone give a round of applause to Megan, who made herself known to us first by e-mailing us ripping on Rob Rossi’s blog.
She is basically a lifesaver.
Second off, everyone get your pitchforks and torches because we’re marching on the offices of Allegheny Power, who decided that because we had a bad meter socket they were going to snip my family’s service and allow all of our food to rot.
And also for making it basically impossible for me to run Puck Huffers.  It is like being separate from a child.
Thank god for friends who have gas generators.  So I can bring you this message.

i.e. I updated the Hair League.  Here is the graphic of the top 25.  Click here for full info.

Winter Classic postponed til 8pm tomorrow.  Mario had 2 assists in the alumni game, not that I was able to watch it.

Be safe.

You know what you need to enjoy this new year?  Lights that work.

Fuck the Caps.  and for God’s sake, GO PENS.


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