battle zones

It’s almost like we have to give up on this shit, but we can’t help ourselves: Sam Kasan was kind enough to direct us to the page for the Florida Panthers ice dancers in today’s game-day blog and let us know that Brittany O. is his favorite.

Oh, Panthers. Thank God this isn’t high school football where the opposing team’s cheerleaders come with.

Here’s HBO at morning skate:

That guy’s got the skinny jeans and the sweet Nikes. Probably has an iPhone as well. We’ll have nice things one day, too.

HAIR LEAGUE PAGE has been updated.

As you can see, the margins between teams are growing again. Blame Evgeni Malkin, who has been quietly blowing up the hair scene all throughout the last week.
Remember to e-mail us if you see any other hair instances out in the media world. This excludes: anything related to a “A Sit Down with Sidney” on FSN, or HBO’s 24/7.  We also just gave Sid points for his appearance on TPiR, but that isn’t reflected here, because when it comes down to making a new graphic or going to make an omelette, the omelette wins every time.

Panthers tonight.  Obvs.



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