drum roll please.

“Reflections on the Theme of Viktor Ekbom”
by utterfrivolity.
We can’t really say anything but well done.
We received a lot of really amazing submissions from all ya’all bitches out there. We were stunned, inspired, and often brought to tears by your valiant efforts to bling underage hockey players. They have never been as sexy as they were under the layers of your glitter and dancing cartoon animals. We applaud your every effort.
But, it has to come down to one.
That’s the thing with contests.
Only one survives.
So, allow us to explain why our favor has gone to this specific masterpiece.
We get the very vivid feeling here that Viktor Ekbom himself constructed this masterpiece for his very own myspace page, in order to tell the world that he is, in fact, a cutie. The hearts in the background, the glitter of his jersey, all would match his meticulously planned background scheme, his right side aligned photo scheme (because he’s just THAT COOL), his ironically sassy profile text, et cetera. We really appreciate a sense of realism in our Blingees. And this provides the height of it.
Okay, so there, Untterfrivolity, send us your address and all of that shit so we can send you whatever we find as a prize. (Generally this involves us wearing short skirst and low-cut tops to the sports store to get free shit. Wish us luck.)
Also, as a surprise bonus (A surprise even to Zoe!) I am awarding the “Kim is drunk and loves this” award to Ava.
Here is why.
There are fucking whales on his FACE.
I can’t avoid that.
I will personally send you a magical prize of awesome. Just send us your address and all of your dreams (worst nightmares) will come true.
Okay,  well, that sums up the U21 Blingee contest quite while.
We hope you all appreciate our selections. They are made carefully and with extreme attention to details.
On another note, guess who’s birthday is tomorrow!
24 years of kicking ass and taking names.
Everyone raise a glass.
Preferably a glass of…
We’re serious over here.
Love yinz.
Go Pens.

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