breath of winter

OH HEY, look at what team is currently the hottest in the NHL after raising all kinds of uncomfortable questions about consistency!
But, we could just enjoy this for what it was, which is: a pure win on a pure day. We woke up to snow. We drove to Pittsburgh with sandwiches and our toes basically froze off getting tickets and having good conversation with Rush Line Friends. But it was clearly worth it:

There were some shenanigans of interest.
The Flames kept attacking the Pens at random moments. Regehr notably tossed Ktang into Fleury in a fit of ill-advised rage.

And Engelland dropped some joke.

This was our first experience at CEC, by the way. Our verdict is that it’s amazing.
Except the lack of shady concrete wall above the players’ lot so you can jeer the visitors’ bus and inspect the tailoring of everyone’s dress pants.
And, you know, cheer and see the boys without being in it for the autographs.

RIP The Wall At Mellon Arena.

Other than that, and maybe a little too much Ryan Mill, nearly flawless arena experience. Can’t go wrong with a hat trick. Around half the present fans stuck around for Sid’s postgame interview with Potash and they were nearly far too loud for it to continue. His huge, goofy smile and muttered “thank yous” were all you needed to know. Dude’s on cloud nine. He’s 23, he’s the best at what he does, and Brother Steven is slightly behind him in the points race. Things are looking up for the Pittsburgh Penguins. If only they could get the Wall back. Then everything would be perfect.

Gene played great. He’s about due for an explosion of awesome.

You know that as soon as they pulled Kiprusoff Crosby’d be on the ice, by the way.

Oh, the spirit of competition.

We love hockey season.



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