can we get a “woooo”?

We’ve promoted it everywhere else on the Internet, so if you haven’t already, please check out
our Guest Post Wednesday on the Pensblog.
If you’ve got a few minutes. It’s about Cities and Feelings.

In other news, is Kovalchuk an dbag or what?

srsly Ilya baby we used to have a soft spot for you and your girl jeans until you started acting like Curry’s gift to hockey and we’re just going to have to disagree.
We suggest he round up the girls and take a therapeutic trip to H&M before deciding where he’s going to sign.
Just a thought.

Pens signed Brett Sterling and he’s cool or something.
Babies are having camp soon.
Is it October yet?

Nabokov is going to Russia and we cried for days (even though we only heard about it a few hours ago), SAD.


P.S. Great post about enforcer moves around the Atlantic Division from our buddy Travis:
at The Goon Blog


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