circus city

This post is live from the Starbucks on Carson, where I just saw a pack of girls in Mike Green jerseys.
Sangria-induced nightmares were had last night about Mike Green making big defensive plays.
How do we deal? Is Pittsburgh even ready for this?

It’s moments like these when you realize the incongruity. The city of Pittsburgh is often thrust onto a world stage, with no real representation of the city as a whole. The residential street you partied on last night, the church you threw bottles at, the sort-of-shady grocery stores you love to shop at, the diner where you get coffee alongside crackheads: none of that matters, we’re supposed to shine our shoes and look respectable and worldly. Not that Pittsburgh isn’t respectable and worldly. Just not in the way that other places are traditionally worldly. Like discovering that the street you wanted to turn onto is one-way, most things that happen in Pittsburgh are unexpected.
Like, you know, a night hockey game at Heinz Field in January?

Since we all know the Islanders won the December Stanley Cup, let’s move on to more relevant news, like this article about the “ice cold rivalry” between Sid and Ovechkin that Rob Rossi had to collaborate with someone else to produce.

Uncle Jordy is back.
I am probably the last person on Earth to figure this out.
Go Uncle Jordy.

Point is, this is already a circus. And circus isn’t always a bad thing. It’s just one of those days where anything can happen, and the rain keeps coming down. How do we deal? Settle in. Drink, eat, and scream. It’s a great day for hockey. We already win the Best City Ever award, so really, very little can bring us down.

All right.

Go Pens.


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