cotton candy.

When do we ever get to see a shoot out reach out that far?!
At the end we were just screaming WHO IS NEXT?!?!?!? because really, that is what everyone was wondering.
When it gets too far, we still call it a Hal Gill round.
Call us old fashioned, but we love to see people shooting who shouldn’t be shooting. We didn’t QUITE  get there, but still. It was close.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re drunk.


That’s the reason this time. Isn’t Pinnacle a miracle?!?!? We strongly recommend anything they do. It’s cheap, and their flavors are just about as good as vodka can get….and we really don’t like vodka.

Anyway, hockey.

We’re not doing a recap, because we are in the loving embrace of family and friends and one another, because it is the holiday season. So we’ll just say a few things about this game, which was pretty freaking intense.

Sidney Crosby scores a goal that is physically impossible, but through the collective joy of our hometown spirit, happens anyway. We say “fuck you” to physics, and let the impossible happen.

Of course then we have to deal with the holiday spirit of the refs, and accept a Caps goal that was only earned by about a thousand over-calling situations. We only allow this goal because Santa is watching.

And then, of course, Mr. Kunitz takes it back for the Penguins.
Milk is good for your bones, kids.

Knuble did somethingsomethingsomething to tie it up, and we didn’t care.
Mostly we were starting to get upset that people would be reminding us that THE PENS AND CAPS ALWAYS GO INTO OVERTIME forever and forever.

We’re over it.

Anyway, overtime is about as worthless as anyone would expect it to be, other than MAF acting like a superhero.

The shootout came, and as we said, it was nearly a Hal Gill situation.

Everything in the shootout is yet uncovered by the press.
Anyway, Dupes makes it happen, along with Tanger, and we are pleased with everything that happens.

Okay, so we have to go drink more and partake in happy activities.
We give the only alternative star to Dupes, because, well, he won the game. Homers.
The only good choice the Verizon Center has ever made is naming MAF #1 star tonight.

Anyway, go watch HSN and drink, and feel closer to us this evening.
Winning streak #2.
Never losing again.
Go Pens.


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