CRASH MY NET FRIDAY and hairhairhair

It is entirely possible that this week broke the Crash My Net Friday machine, so to speak.
You know, we take pride on being the kind of people who appreciate subtleties. The little defensive miracles, the simple but smart hockey plays, the struggles of the underdog, the things that guys can accomplish on the ice with pure hard work.
But this week, we kind of don’t give a fuck.


Sid has two hat tricks this past week, one on Saturday and one on Thursday. He made it look easy.
Fleury is in full “fuck you” mode, making the saves he needs to make on all the right people.
You know we give this award based on performance. There’ll be someone else with the heroic shot block later on this season. The really sweet pass out of the neutral zone or whatever. But really. Let’s not ignore what we have right in front of us.

Not like we can help the stache, but I mean, we’d still hit it.

A bunch of photos went up at some point from the Rangers game. Whoever was photographing for Getty that night had a Sid boner. What a profile.

Also, Fleury’s hair. Done:

MaxTal has a bruised foot from practice. Sad.
But he’ll probably come back soon. He’d probably be begging to play if his spine was broken in 3 places. Get well soon, boo.

Hey, check out the Hair League page.

New top 25 graphic:

There is now a huge discrepancy between the top ranking team and the next ranking team. Almost 30 points. If you watch our Twitter, you’ll see that we believe that Sid is a sleeper pick considering his likely involvement in the All-Star Game. Hair photos out the ass. You know he won’t wear that disgusting hat.
We already mentioned at some point that any media from HBO is null and void.
We didn’t invite pay cable to this party. We didn’t anticipate it. We don’t want it throwing off the purity of our game.

We still would like someone to .gif-ify the Tang hairflip from the Rangers game. Beggars can’t be choosers, though. This was brought to our attention by people who apparently have Tumblrs.

We don’t believe in Tumblr, but this is a solid offering.

I mean we have a Tumblr. But we believe it speaks to a very under-appreciated issue in the hockey world. You know what we mean. Sporadically updated and irrelevant, that’s how we like our Tumblrs.

Happy Friday.
Go Pens.


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