final sea creature post of the preseason

There is a point in every Detroit Red Wing’s life where he decides he wants to be either a majestic whale cruising the open ocean, or a fail whale beached upon the shore.
Preseason whatevs, they fail whaled last night. Very insulting that they played the way they did. I mean, we all want to be playing hockey from September til May and June. But the Red Wings pretty much think they shouldn’t even have to compete to get there. What a stuck up organization to just not care about defensive coverage just because it’s early October. You almost feel bad for Osgood.
Except not.

Chris is crying in the corner, as his supply of bananas and lard has been exhausted.

Oops, actually that was the wrong pic:

You can see how we can get them confused. Jiri Hudler in this one is a dead giveaway, though.

Final thoughts on camp, anyone? Here are some basics:
– Tangradi in front of the net is like sex.
– Everyone loves Mark Letestu. If you feel the same way we’ve come to be in great support of the hashtag #letestify.
– Tyler Kennedy can’t buy a goal. We love him but ehhhhh.
– Engelland is a bamf. Michalek is a bamf. Martin is a bamf. Tang is a bamf. The entire defense are bamfs.
– Comrie playing for the league minimum is going to look insane.
– The core players–namely Fleury and Malkin–are looking as sharp as ever.
– When we think of Thursday our tummies feel fuzzy inside.

lots of love.

Go Pens.


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