forgetting the game and temporary goodbye (from kim)

We choose to remember this game as it was in the moments that the above photo was taken.
We do not want to think about the fact that our hockey team lost a game, or other perils of our modern lives.
Luckily, we don’t have to.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we instead would like to focus on more adorable aspects of the world than a scoreboard tilted in our opponent’s direction.

Also, thinking of more plesant things, look how pretty our new temporary arena is:

It’s going to be a great game for everyone watching, and for everyone going.
Unfortunately, we will be indulging in the former. The opportunity presented itself for us to go to the game fo’ free, but unfortunately we had to decline for other Life Reasons.

Speaking of, I would like to announce my official sabbatical from PH for the next three weeks, as I will be in New And Interesting Lands starting tomorrow.
Well, tomorrow those New And Interesting Lands will be a series of airports, but whatevs.
I’m pulling a Dmitry Medvedev.

(While Mister Medvedev stayed in lush resorts and was followed by many armed guards during his trip to India, I will be staying and dirty hostels and will be followed only by my dirty boyfriend; still, I like to think we are one in the same.)

PH will be held down by Zoe, Intern Ann, and any other assortment of hoodlums they feel they need to help out.
I will be able to get Pens text alerts in India for only 5 cents per text, so don’t worry about me.

Everyone have a good new year, and prepare for coloring contests for weird Indian knick-knacks.
We’re never losing again, so don’t sweat it.

Go Pens,
पेंगुइन जाओ


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