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There have been some slight shakeups in the framework of the Hair League. So far the leading team belongs to those three lucky compatriots who have selected Max Talbot, Evgeni Malkin, and Pascal Dupuis. This is the leaderboard for the top three ranks:
1. Tied for first with 76 points: Strudels & Doodles, Alyssa T’s Team, Anna H’s Team.
2. Jon W’s Team with 73 points
3. utterfrivolity with 72 points

The following table shows our hair points given to each player:

Clicking on that will open the large version in a new window/tab. Recommended if you can’t read it.

Now, we’ve so far logged 59 hair instances. The table is huge; no idea how to keep you up-to-date with them unless you don’t mind us pasting raw unformatted text from a spreadsheet into a post.  You can click the “read more” if that appeals to you.  Ready?

Player Name/Type of Event/Points/Date/Comments

(pretty self-explanatory, but this garbage text will be ordered as such: first the name of the player, then the type of event, then the amount of points that were assigned to that event, then the date, then a comment.  Remember that in-game incidents can be worth either 10 or 3 points depending on when they occur.

Tyler Kennedy Video 3 10/7/2010 PensTV

Evgeni Malkin In-Game 3 10/9/2010 FSN Pittsburgh

Mike Comrie In-Game 3 10/9/2010 FSN Pittsburgh

Evgeni Malkin Interview 5 10/9/2010 Dan Potash pregame

Brooks Orpik In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Alex Goligoski In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Paul Martin In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Brent Johnson In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Ben Lovejoy In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Eric Tangradi In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Chris Kunitz In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Mike Comrie In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Pascal Dupuis In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Mike Rupp In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Maxime Talbot In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Tyler Kennedy In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Matt Cooke In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Zbynek Michalek In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Marc-Andre Fleury In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Craig Adams In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Evgeni Malkin In-Game 3 10/9/2010 anthem

Sidney Crosby Interview 5 10/9/2010 weird interview preview segment

Evgeni Malkin Photo 5 10/9/2010

Pascal Dupuis Photo 5 10/9/2010

Maxime Talbot Photo 5 10/9/2010

Evgeni Malkin Photo 5 10/9/2010

Craig Adams Photo 5 10/9/2010

Mark Letestu Video 3 10/9/2010 PensTV

Evgeni Malkin Video 3 10/9/2010 PensTV

Brent Johnson Interview 5 10/11/2010 Dan Potash postgame

Paul Martin Video 3 10/11/2010 PensTV

Alex Goligoski Video 3 10/11/2010 PensTV

Brent Johnson Video 3 10/11/2010 PensTV

Deryk Engelland Interview 5 10/13/2010 FSN Pregame

Maxime Talbot In-Game 3 10/13/2010 warmups

Brent Johnson In-Game 3 10/13/2010 between periods

Eric Tangradi In-Game 10 10/13/2010 scrum

Maxime Talbot In-Game 10 10/13/2010 scrum

Deryk Engelland In-Game 10 10/13/2010 fight (dropping Colton Orr’s face)

Paul Martin Video 3 10/13/2010 PensTV

Alex Goligoski Video 3 10/13/2010 PensTV

Maxime Talbot Photo 5 10/14/2010 Pens Twitter

Paul Martin Video 3 10/15/2010 PensTV

Mark Letestu Video 3 10/15/2010 PensTV

Maxime Talbot Photo 5 10/15/2010

Maxime Talbot Photo 5 10/15/2010

Kris Letang Video 3 10/15/2010 PensTV

Craig Adams In-Game 3 10/15/2010 warmups

Mike Comrie In-Game 3 10/15/2010 warmups

Eric Godard In-Game 3 10/15/2010 warmups

Pascal Dupuis Interview 5 10/15/2010 Dan Potash pregame

Eric Godard In-Game 10 10/15/2010 penalty box after fight

Kris Letang Video 3 10/15/2010 PensTV

Brent Johnson Video 3 10/15/2010 PensTV

Mike Rupp In-Game 10 10/16/2010 fight

Brent Johnson Interview 5 10/16/2010 Dan Potash postgame

Mike Rupp Photo 5 10/16/2010  Getty

Maxime Talbot Video 3 10/16/2010

Brent Johnson Video 3 10/16/2010 PensTV


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Daddy Gonch returns to Pittsburgh tonight along with the extremely unsuccessful Senators power play.  After this, the boys go on the road, a bit out west, to find themselves in the middle of a wheat field.

Or something.

Go Pens.


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