hair league off to a chippy start.

Click here or click the banner in the sidebar to see the points total–so far the only point-getter is Tyler Kennedy for doing an interview sans hat for PensTV.

So if you have Tyler Kennedy on your team, you have three points. Congratulations.

Did you happen to catch any of the Red Wings/Ducks game last night? It was basically what you would have normally expected a Flyers/Pens game to turn into. Corey Perry would have earned something like 900 points in a hair league.

We also caught a bit of Caps/Thrashers but missed the whole Ondrej-Pavelec-Passing-Out-Thing.
Really hope he is okay.
Glad that the Thrashers celebrated by winning. Also, Mike Green put his hand over the puck in the crease and Evander Kane scored on a penalty shot. Good job, Thrashers.
Anyone think the animosity during Pens/Thrashers game will evaporate a little bit now that we don’t have Kovalchuk bullshit?
Maybe not.

At any rate, it’s Habs tonight.
We’re calling this must-win, just because:



EDIT: We also apparently have some fancy TiqIQ widget thang now that nobody actually told us we had. You can search for Pens tickets here or using the sidebar tool which is located directly under the Dan Bylsma radar. Thanks Bloguin? GO PENS. Less than 3 hours. Wooooooo


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