Hair League Sunday

Hair League page has received its updates.
Brent Johnson has overtaken Pascal Dupuis as the lead point-getter.
Dude never wears a hat when he’s on the bench. We questioned those of you who picked Beej at the beginning of the season, but he is proving to be a surprise hair prospect.
Every game we get a shot of him on the bench? 10 points.

Or anytime there is a good photo of him.
Would you like to do some coloring?  Click for a little bigger.

Color in full (fun tip: INSERT AN EXCITING BACKGROUND; why else do you think we make it white?) and e-mail to

Also let us know if we missed anything major Hair League-wise.  Yuengling and vodka made sure we were somewhat disoriented this Thanksgiving weekend.

Something we forgot to mention about the CEC experience last post: someone should get those poor ice girls t-shirts that fit.  We are concerned about their working conditions.


ETA: HOW THE BALLS DID WE NOT KNOW ABOUT THE CLUTTERSTACHE.  Maybe it’s something we weren’t meant to know.



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