here come the muskrats.

You know, ever since the Coyotes went under and Zoe and I purchased them, moved them to New Orleans and renamed them the Louisiana Muskrats, life has been pretty fast paced.
The Muskrats have been through a lot. They’ve seen ups and downs in their struggle to be recognized as a new, leading team in the NHL. But this season, we must admit, we are quite proud of how far the team has come.
We know that this is typically a Penguins blog, but starting this season we are going to have to talk about our other NHL love, and you are just going to have to deal with it.
Introducing, the 2010/2011 team:



Star Center: Erik Klaus
Left Winger: Jari Juhana
Right Winger: Luukas Jyri


Left Wing: Bohdan Evžen
Center: Aaron Izzo
Right Wing: Jeffrey Russell


Left: Hugh Weisel
Center: Toivo Ruuben
Right: Artūras Antanas


Left: Naveed Kwaja
Center: Victor Casey
Right: Jesse Wade



Right:  Emmett Loghry
Left: Silas Norat


Right: Mac Keglovic
Left: Mykola Demyan


Right: Otto Kyösti
Left: Ib Torben


Left: Boyd Shuffield

Goalie: Akseli Ukko
Fat Backup Goalie: Pontus Helge
Each player on our team has a distinct playing style, personality, and often times hilarious back story that will be revealed throughout the year as we celebrate their victories and mourn their defeat. We ask that you give the team the support and caring that they deserve, and that they NEED going through this crucial time in their tender youth. Note our strong Finnish front line, with the strong Danish and Finnish presence on the team overall. The STRENGTH and DIGNITY of such a lineup. It gives us chills.
To celebrate the “coming out” of the Muskrats, so to speak, let’s all take a good ‘ol trip down memory lane and re-experience the growing pains that always come with the beginning of a new NHL team.
Muskrats memories, anyone?

We fondly recall the time that Pontus and JJ were just so bent on scaring Erik that Pontus just hid in Erik’s locker all day until JJ could lead him to it. When Ponty tried to jump out, he got wedged into the door so badly that the fire department had to come rescue him! Hah hah hah. Good times.

We’ll never turn against our Pens, but we have to say it:
Go Muskrats.
Go Pens.
(Go Stephen S for the Muskrats image, and the more to come in the future)

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