It has been a weekend of drinking, smoking, and cavorting.
Some of us alone, some of us with friends, many of us in the humid, sunshiny world that is southwestern Pennsylvania without playoff hockey, many of us in other, more glamorous locales entirely.
All we know is, Chicago’s game winner was scored by Tomas Belegosting Kopecky, and the Cup Final changes everything.
What happens in Game 2 is totally up for grabs still.

some hastily prepared notes:

whatever guys, nothing can save the fact that Kaner’s mouthguard looks like a slug of gelatinous, dripping mucous in this picture.

also check out the smile on Captain Elbow:

We’re considering making Captain Elbow the PH mascot these playoffs, in honor of The Hat:

remember The Hat?
Someone please tell us you remember the hat.

Plus we still find this photo mysteriously inspirational.

Without Penguins hockey, batshit crazy happens. Sorry you have to suffer with us.
Keep the faith that there is good in the universe.
Or something.

Oh and late edit, Pronger is also a dick to the media. Surprise.


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