judgment day

Not a ton of stuff is going on.
[utterfrivolity] and [Ava] should expect presents within the next couple of weeks.
Here are some other favorites from the contest:





There will be an open house on Saturday at CEC. Check it out.
Tickets are $5 and go to charity.
We might be able to hit that up, but in the event that we can’t, we might be holding an emergency contest for tickets. Keep your eyes peeled.

The big story yesterday that you might consider relevant to us is the release of the Reebok Women’s “Champagne” jersey. We actually don’t know anything about this, believe it or not. We’re generally of the opinion that if you don’t think a jersey in the style that the players wear is attractive enough for you, your priorities as a hockey fan are way off. But the NHL keeps forgetting to ask for our seal of approval on things. We might have to issue them an official reprimand at some point.

A lot of big talk has been going on about NHL contracts and the policing of them, etc. Again, we basically believe that if a guy wants to play for a specific team for the right reasons, and the team is amicable to that, the agent, GM, and player will all get together and make it work in a way that isn’t shitty. We will judge a player by his contract. A shitty or sneaky contract often belies what we perceive as personal issues on the part of the player or the negotiating GM. Which is why we appreciate the “non-awful person rule” that Ray Shero has made regarding people who he will seriously talk numbers with. Ilya Kovalchuk is a bag of dicks, his contract showed that, and the NHL recognized–not in a consistent or classy fashion, but they did it nevertheless. When we get some consistency, we will be a better league for it. In the meantime, dicks will be dicks. People who want contracts like Kovalchuk’s aren’t people we want on our team.

Part of our strategy for 2010-11 should definitely be Beating The Devils, though. We can’t afford to be wet blankets again, especially with Girl Jeans Ilya streaking down the wing six times a year. Vomit.

Basically “people are assholes” is all we’re trying to say and we don’t deal with that.

In this final (painful) stretch of summer, try to remember:
New arena.
Seriously upgraded defense.
Chances are you have AC in your car.
(If you don’t, we’re sorry.)

We love you.


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