little trip to heaven

Just something about this picture that suddenly makes all of the shenanigans of the last year okay, that makes Consol Energy Center okay, that gives us a supreme sense of confidence about the coming months.
Like looking at the future.

You probably support the Mellon Arena memorial idea that Matt (PensBoozeAnger on Twitter) came up with that Pensblog is propagating and which you may have heard mentioned by Mark Madden before he awkwardly segwayed into a discussion about the Tennessee Titans. Come on, this would be cute. A little unsure how it would look considering the partitions in the window, but worth a look fersher.

If you’re not hopping on Twitter to read a blow-by-blow of training camp (i.e. those of us who can’t make it due to other obligations or egregious geographical inconvenience), you’re missing out. Check out the following:
pghpenguins (obviously dur)
Any other good ones? Leave them in the comments.
Hockey is the only reason that we’re on Twitter (with the possible exceptions of winstonbananas and SpigotTheBear).
Get some. Learn some.
Go Pens.


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