We’re going to kick the day off with Shirley Manson and Garbage, “I’m Only Happy When It Rains,” an ode to Trib Total Media Rob Rossi’s outlook on life.

That amazing dig on Rob Rossi by today’s Pens Report.
Malkin’s also skating on a line at practice. Balllllllaaaaaaaa.
Fun Hair League fact of the day: lowest-scoring team is MAF, TK, and JStaal. Ohhh. We’ll update that page eventually, but honestly, not a whole lot is happening. We’re still waiting for the top 3 to be dethroned by some genius.

The Caps finally won today. But really, who expected goals from Ryan Shannon and Chris Kelly to stand up to win a game. Ottawa was playing with house money anyway.

Some general paranoia from our very good friend TPB Derek.

Everything about what’s going on right now has an air of ominousness. But tomorrow?

and let’s not forget PLUS SEVEN RAINY

Shane and Kyle and Biznasty and Jovo and Adrian and the whole damn gang.
Sorry, boys. It’s our house, remember?

Go Pens.

P.S. daily dose of ovary destruction

Eric Godard lets a little girl paint his nails yellow. Soul sistas.


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