We really have very little entertainment over the span of the summer, so free agency is sort of like a saving grace so long as the Penguins stay out of it. Sure, they can get involved from time to time when we need a spike in the heart rate, but overall we just like to watch other teams dick around and ruin everything.
For example:
The Montreal Canadians were “committed” to Carey “Three Packs a Day” Price from day one.
Clearly he would rather be in the passenger seat of Dany Heatley’s car than pretending to be a starting goalie anywhere, but nonetheless, the entire reason for the Habs making it out of the first round has been escorted over to the Blues.
Why did we miss this photo before?
I mean, it was in the belegosting Penguins series.
Press, we constantly underestimate your skillz, though not your ability to deliver photos on time. This is journalism, people, let’s get with it.
There are also rumors of Savard/Wheeler to Columbus for a pick, but there’s little to no evidence that this has any validity. We like crazy shit, though, so let’s hope it pulls through.
In other (very important) news, PH Staff has a total crush on draft pick Benjamin Conz.
Reasons being-
1) He is a babyswissgoalie.
2) His last name is Conz.
Zoe thinks he’d take her out for a sundae, but be really morose about it.
“He just has that look.”
Also, our favorite press source is kicking it retro in the off season:
That hair!
That jacket!!!!
We hope everyone is hanging in there.
We recommend the World Cup. We’re kind of fascinated by it.
Kim’s going Denmark, Paraguay and Mexico (because she hates winning, apparently.)
Zoe’s going USA, Mexico and Uruguay.
The Intern refuses to divulge her allegiance because she is a deity and therefore in charge of all World Cup results.
How much longer till October?
[Player #12 is our favorite. We have theorized the many possibilities of his internal monologue. Feel free to speculate.]
Go Pens.

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