mini blingee expo, and a call for more

We promise we’ll provide you Hair League metrics after the Sabres game–things are really heating up in the Hair League. I know we don’t update daily, but the standings change daily, in ways you wouldn’t believe. In the meantime, here are a few Leafs Blingees:

Kris Versteeg, by Mouth Guard.

Luke Schenn and Jonas Gustavsson by TP

Clarke MacArthur, by Grace.

Letestu, again by TP, this time just scoring on Gustavsson.

Now, to the real meat of this post.
The quality of Sidney Crosby Blingees we have been getting is mind-boggling and frightening, just like the Pens have been lately.
TP had this offering. The wolf is really key.

However, we received this image of the “Crosdra” from 4evainheaven, which may be the closest we’ve come to spontaneously joining a religion.

the frame rate isn’t the best on this one, so she also provided the following, without fireworks:

That brings us to you, rest of the public.
This is Puck Huffers, where winners are Blingeed.
It is our thinking that if we continue to Blingee Crosby, good things will happen.
Go to and create your own, and e-mail them to
We have a documented history of making things happen with Blingees.  So get to it.

Sabres tomorrow.
Go Pens. 


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