NHL breakfast league? hair, etc.

Finally updated the Hair League. Here is your current top 25:

The gap on the top is still closing.
Can’t wait for the All-Star Game to make shit nasty.
Check out the
Hair League Page.

Also, from 4evainheaven, introducing:
Absolutely beautiful logo.  We absolutely can’t think of anything that could be prettier.

And, surprise.  The San Jose Sharks are officially the San Jose Grapefruits:
sick watermark.

4evainheaven’s explanation:

“If you add sugar, they’re tolerable and may even win stuff.  Otherwise, they’re this:”

Consider the breakfast league a standing challenge as long as you are on Curry’s green earth.  All breakfast-related photoshops should be directed to us.

Also, you may have seen this graphic on Puck Daddy:

You can buy that shirt on the left here.
We’re not receiving any reimbursement or anything for saying that.  We haven’t talked to these people at all.  We just think they are perfect stocking stuffers.  You know, for the people in your life who have real interest.

Also, Kings in Detroit right now.

JQuick on Fire.

Philadelphia tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

It’s finals week, boys.  Give us something good.

Go Pens.


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