not so bad.


Ouch, Pens website. Did you really have to make it seem THAT dramatic?
Even that photo. Ugh.

So…ending the streak does kind of suck, but come on, can we really be that upset?
As far as we’re concerned, tomorrow night we start back at game one of our next winning streak.
If this had been a movie, we’d have been looking for some drama, some story arcs. You have to lose sometimes, just to make it spicy.  

Let’s focus on the good times here tonight with a few individual awards, just to soften the blow before we reacquaint you with a world where the houses aren’t all made out of black and gold gumdrops. 
Put up your feet, take a deep breath, and repeat:
The Pens are Never Losing Again.



Malks is finally back on the ice, making turning on the Penguins game feel a little bit more like being home.  Of course, within moments on the ice he had reminded us that, no, this was not about being warm and cuddly and full of Christmas spirit, it is about striking raw fear into the hearts of grown men. On ice.
We’re pretty sure he could survive days in the wilderness living only off of the land and and manliness.  


Sometimes people be hatin’ when they know they shouldn’t be hatin’. 
MAF, with the help of his guardian angel (Brent Johnson) sent by Curry himself led us through this winning streak. So we can’t blame him for anything except for melting our hearts a little.
Facing a wicked amount of shots this evening, I think this man deserves our love, respect, honor and gold star stickers.


Flyers games always mean hilarious antics and photographic evidence of said antics that will keep us entertained for weeks to come. 


The reality of this loss is that it was no biggie. We can accept less than perfection. Sometimes.
We’re going to pick up right where we left off before this game. The Rangers? What do those jagwagons have on us? Absolutely nothing.
Streak Pt. 2, here we come.

If you get too overwhelmed by the loss of the streak, remember that somewhere the is probably a kitten playing with a dinosaur toy.

(The likelihood of this is actually quite tiny, but the universe is a lot better when you imagine it with kittens, unless you start thinking about the masses of murdered kittens due to Pierre McGuire and his penis head and constant yammering and oh god the kitten massacre it is coming back to me no no no)

*Deep breath*
We will get through it, we will see another day, and we will never, ever lose again.
Go Pens. 


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