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Blog-related news: check out our sexy new about page in the nav bar! We look sassy.
And now, blissfully, the Penguins-related news must come. We miss it, after all.
Via commenter [Marie], we have photos of the Pens singing karaoke at some bar.

Yes, that happened. No, we’re not shitting you. Max Talbot took that photo of himself voluntarily.
The beauty. . .it overwhelms us.
Also note Eric Godard’s mustache.
Really we don’t have anything meaningful to add.
The men speak for themselves.

Now, how about them Habs?

Or, you know. . .not.
As far as positive elements go, what exactly do the Habs take away from this? “Well, at least they scored three instead of six”?
The Flyers were not amazing.
But Michael “Pudding” Leighton was:

Someone was going for an amazing composition with this photo.
How many pudding cups do you think Michael Leighton has had today? Ten?
He will remember this day as his finest when he gets the diabetes.

The Sharks really need to get their shit together, by the way.

Antti Niemi is Finnish and all but we didn’t authorize this shit.
THE BEST NEWS is that Patrick Marleau finally scored to make it 3-1 instead of 3-0. So there’s a chance that this doesn’t have to be a complete disaster in San Jose.
We like Chicago and all, don’t get us wrong. There are just sore spots to be addressed.
Late second period right now, the third looks to be wild. And not like Cal.

Our best advice right now is to stay alert.


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