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It’s a Saturday night in the middle of November.
The Pens played what seemed to be their first or second truly decent game of the season Friday in Pittsburgh against Tampa. Fleury looked like himself for 60 whole minutes. We saw his lone regular season win become two. Word has just come down that he is starting again this evening in Atlanta.

It’s time to make things right with the world. Exorcise any remaining demons.

First of all, reader [Megan] alerted us to the fact that Rob Rossi continues to make videos of his face talking saying things that he probably already says in his articles.
Things to notice about this:
his hair
his glasses
the turtleneck
the weird insertion of his opinions and understandings of Fleury’s game, as if he’s ever been an NHL goaltender and can really speak with authority on these matters

We totally understand innovative use of new media in order to bring content to your readers.
But: a.) VIDEOS AREN’T NEW AND INTERESTING ANYMORE. b.) given the choice between glancing over a Trib article and watching SEVERAL UNNECESSARY MINUTES of Rob Rossi’s face, what are you going to pick?
Do you think these videos have as many COMPLETE plays as our site has daily hits?
WHO WATCHES THIS STUFF. Would you even trust the voice of Rob Rossi to communicate Pens commentary to a blind person?
We find ourselves not remembering anything about this video other than. . .his fucking hair.
A+++++++ to Megan, whose amazing analysis of this video is truly inspiring:

In this video, Rob is sporting:
– hippie hair (which I think would probably look okay if it wasn’t on Rob Rossi)
– the turleneck and blazer combo of an english professor who thinks his female students should want to sleep with him
– the glasses you wear to Starbucks when you want to publicly write on your laptop so that everyone can see that you’re a writer and you’re fucking important
– the soulful chin pubes of a jazz flute player (I think he missed the boat on Movember. A mustache goes on your upper lip, not your double chin. He’s not saving any asses with that bullshit.)

Anyway, Fleury needs us yet again. These are the Blingees from our Call to Arms last evening:



These three from PH Blingee Master, TP.

incredibly solid performance from MouthGuard. The deer, the whiskey. It’s like you know us.


Game starts like 15 minutes after I post this.
Make some noise.
Philips Arena = really dark inside



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