quick fantasy update, ya’ll

Hey, we set a deadline. It was midnight. The season starts tomorrow and we have to write over 150 AutoSums in Numbers. If you sent anything after midnight EST, you did not make it to the Hair League this season–the form stopped logging information after that time. Sorry, kids.

Also, you know why Hair League doesn’t start until puck drop tomorrow night, right?
Because we just had a funny feeling that something like a MOTHER FUCKING RED CARPET would be rolled out for the first real game at the CEC. Circus alert for realsies.

Also, we are as excited as you are about the HBO Pens/Caps documentary, but in order to ensure that the Hair League’s sanctity is not disturbed, any and all HBO-related media will not count towards points for your team. Just the way the cookie crumbles. The regular press will be taking plenty of photographs at the Classic and beyond, so don’t worry about it.
Honestly, the main reason we are concerned about this is because we don’t have HBO and won’t be able to keep track of what happens on the TV.
Otherwise we’d assign 0.275 bonus points every time somebody says “fuck.”

Breaking news:

Lemieux is basically God (you know, aside from Curry).

Final roster cuts today by 3pm but we have to go to class or some shit.

Go Pens.


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