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Hair League has been updated.
I mean I know that’s the only reason you visit this blog. It can’t be for the insightful hockey commentary. Or even the dick jokes.
or pictures of dicks in costumes.
Though those are all good reasons.

Today we want to bring you answers to your questions, which might be as follows:
– Why is the Pens power play so bad?
– Where is the universal drive and energy in our core players?
– What might the morale situation be for Mike Comrie at this point?
– What is the state of hockey journalism today? (Hint: bad)

First order of business is absolutely this. On Monday, Seth Rorabaugh will be meeting with the Big Deals at the Post-Gazette about the future of Empty Netters. He is, according to his Twitter (@emptynetters), not optimistic.
Here is his appeal and information about how to write his bosses about how you feel about EN.
Please be respectful and remind them how amazing Seth’s skillz are. He reports the hell out of everything he posts. There isn’t any other hockey blog we can think of that is so consistently full of interesting information. Save Empty Netters. He doesn’t ‘shop dicks into things and call it content, but I mean, there’s us for that.

Now, onto the Pens.
We have no answers for you, other than that. . .yeah.
Maybe sexual frustration.
We think that if we don’t see a glimmer of effort in Anaheim and Phoenix, it might be time to start calling some people out. Though with all possible honesty and love. This isn’t meant to be reactionary. This is meant to be an intervention.

via our friend crmzak we have discovered that Hillary Duff cheers on Big Time Rush more often than she cheers on her husband:

If we weren’t so wiped out from life we’d publish a deconstructive analysis of Big Time Rush and their clear and present danger to hockey culture.


This man up here had a baby daughter this week as I’m sure you’ve heard. Her name is Lola. He is still expected to play tonight, according to Coachy.
We would say “Pascal Dupuis can crash my net” but we have respect at the moment for the Lola Situation.

Possible facial expression upon birth.

Seriously though. Lola.

Anaheim later.
Lots of assholes on the team, but also Jonas and Teemu.
No idea how to feel, other than the Pens have to win, or score a power play goal, or something.
Power play goal would be a nice start.



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