sew on your black armbands

A vote has been passed to demolish the Civic Arena, which we can now call it again since Mellon’s naming rights expired over the summer.
The only question probably is when, since there will probably be court battles involved in saving it.
It would certainly be nice to find a way to use it again, but we all know that the cost-effectiveness of converting it into a usable structure for other purposes versus putting in a fucking parking lot is an obvious choice for bureaucrats. You can’t have another arena competing with the Consol right across the street; it causes a lot of event-planning ambiguity and nightmares. A proposition we’ve heard floating around is turning it into some kind of atrium-community-center but it would cost a lot of money to convert, probably more money than you will make in your lifetime. We don’t know what’s best for the Hill since we don’t live there. Let’s just say: it’ll be a sad day when the Civic Arena is gone.

When the fuck is training camp? Oh, this weekend? fjklsdfjsdlfjdsklfhndsjkslkfjdsklhl

blah blah Jordan Staal foot infection blah blah blah.  He will get better soon and we have faith.

Go Pens.


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