shit, son

Awards show is briefly on vacation because my sinuses aren’t allowing me to stay awake at the moment.
But really, here’s what you need to know about this game: it was nasty, but the Pens didn’t let the Sabres goon shit do them in. They continued to pressure them, even when it seemed like a Sabres equalizer was just a shift away.
And this is #12. The bubble surrounding the Pens is getting bigger. It’s going to burst eventually. The question is when.  We now go on a game-by-game basis in making judgments.  Tonight, it was surviving the bullshit, remembering which ref’s wife you boned, and jeering at the Cock Cozy.
Here’s what you need to know about the Pens: every night, they are getting contributions from throughout the lineup.
They’re playing with a TON of young players who have come up through the system. They are missing Malkin and Staal. When the Pens made Cup runs in the last couple years, all they talk about is “depth at center” making this team hard to beat, and this is what we’re seeing right now. After Crosby, the depth chart at center right now jumps straight to. . .Max Talbot? What the jesus fuck?  I mean no offense Max, but there aren’t a lot of teams in the league on which you could play #2 center.  And we applaud you for being a bad ass mother fucker.
We obviously want Malkin and Staal back. But it’s hard to imagine what’s going to happen when they’re healthy and ready to go. The great thing is: no pressure. Malkin doesn’t have to rush back and save the motherland, for example.  

Basically, the Pens didn’t play very well, but they still won–and finding ways to win when you don’t feel awesome is, well. . .that’s why streaks like this stay alive.

Next game is Philly–you can imagine how excited everyone is.

And Sid, who was mostly bottled up all night, stood up for himself like a beast, and got some jobber secondary assist in the third period on Goligoski’s game-winning goal. So:









Dustin Jeffrey was so awesome this game, we almost forgive him for being rude to us that one time.

Steiggy and Errey missed a huge chunk of actually calling this game talking about the Alumni Game.

We would say more about the Alumni Game, except that every time we think about it, we start crying.

Jay revealed on postgame that he will suit up for it.  We’re still hoping for Bob Errey.

Fleury is a friggin’ rock of doom. Unfuckingreal and underrated performances throughout this streak.

Finally, public service announcement: Pominville’s a crackwhore.


TP is a machine.  galloping horses omg.
Go Pens 


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