so wait who won the december stanley cup

Rick DiPietro closed the door in the shootout and sort of in general, in order to fulfill his dream of being gang raped by his teammates at center ice in front of thousands of unsuspecting fans.


Evgeni Malkin was reportedly unshaken by the incident. Rumor has it that everyone thinks DiPietro is an “instant section 8.”

Stunning press work again by the drooling photographers of Nassau Coliseum. The Sid Streak ends at 25.

I’d recap this, but really? Pens have to get their minds right for the Classic, and so do we.
I will bring you a thoughtful analysis of episode 3 of 24/7 tomorrow, once I watch it in all of its high-def glory. In addition to the recap of 24/7 PH will also be providing you with a New Year’s Eve/Day Survival Kit shopping list.

Parenteau’s on our shit list, btw. Just ask Chris what’s up.

We’re not fighting for freedom, we’re fighting for poontang.

see you outside.

GO PENS, bitches.


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