srs matters

Haaaaay guys.
How are you doing?
Good, yes, good? Everyone? Great to hear it.

First of all, business.

Mister Schenn needs a stern, stern talking to.
We’ll make sure we mention it over tea this weekend.

By now you’ve already gotten your recaps and made your decisions about how to feel about this game. Meanwhile we were getting distracted by shiny objects and whatever was happening in this photo.
But we still have some things to say about the game, because we know there are people who are being real bitches about now.

The game wasn’t bad. There was some messy defensive work at points, and maybe a few missed chances, but really the Pens could have just as easily walked away from the game if not from a great performance by “Monster”, who we will never refer to again as such. Instead, “Marmoset”.
We cannot spend another season fearing the Leafs because they are a shitty team that can, for whatever reason, take us to town.
We must take out the fear at the root.
It’s a bumpy start, this season.
But we here are at PH are no strangers to bumpy starts.

“The GPS thought we could afford toll roads. That really brought the lols. Fail number one out of the way. 6:14 AM Aug 9th from txt”
-Southern Adventure Tweets.

We never saw another fail after the horrible blunder in the beginning.
See, this is just the first bit of fail. Getting it out of the way.

Anyway, what we’re saying is that yes, this sucks, and yes, it is a bad sign, and yes, there is a picture of the captain of our team making this face
But in the end we are the Penguins and we are going to win the Stanley Cup.

Now, onto the next order of business.

Here’s the deal. Now that the season is back in full swing, we’ve got some features to start, bring back, and create.
Look forward to some new and exciting features, along with a classic that everyone missed.
Plus, we were thinking we could ask you guys to brainstorm a feature YOU would like to see entered into the weekly/biweekly rotation. Best one gets executed in a horrendous fashion by us once a week or so. So make it good.

We also wanted to alert you to something that Kelly, of the leagues of valued Puck Huffers Bitches (As I think you guys voted you wanted to be called, right? Or something.), is doing. She’s opened a CafePress store of some original designs of Brooks Orpik gear, which is extremely fitting right about now.
Kind of like when tinkerbell needs you to clap, Brooks needs you to spend money on his gear.
Kelly is offering a way to help.
Click here to find this:

Also remember that there is always fun PH stuff to buy to support our drug and alcohol habits running of this website (thanks to Zoe for the correction.)
Link in the sidebar.

Don’t be sad about a little bit of a bumpy start. It’s Rocktober and things come in like a bad hockey team and go out like a good one, as the old saying goes.
Everything will be fine if you just believe, and if Cappycakes doesn’t make any more faces like that.

Go Pens.

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