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ETA: don’t see one person wearing anything CBJ in this pic. insane.
Even the haters have to agree that the Penguins are paying some unreal hockey and that Crosby is looking like the kind of player you thought you’d never see in the NHL again.
Nine games is a long time not to lose a game of hockey. And a month is a long time to go without missing out on a goal or assist. Just ask the stache.

Overall, Sid has 46 points in 28 games.  Brother Steven is back at the compound, pressing a crease into the front of his dress pants and rereading the cult manifesto.

People are saying that the 9-game winning streak could extend, what with the next two teams the Pens play being the Devils and the Leafs.
Granted, the Devils are terrible this year.  And the Maple Leafs organization is just the embodiment of Russian roulette for the Penguins.  Thank Curry it’s not a Friday or Saturday night game in Canada or the haters would be out and about.

Still, these teams probably aren’t going to lie down the way Columbus did.  “Beat the teams you’re supposed to beat” is a good adage when it doesn’t make you cocky.  Luckily, we don’t perceive the Pens being cocky.  This is the attitude that got them so far in the playoffs in 2008 and 2009.  We can be optimistic that we’re going to see a team with its shit together that didn’t spend the entire evening previous to the game watching Teen Mom and hitting the bong.

Still, streaks don’t last forever.  82-game season and we’re not even 30 in.

And the whole business with the Washington Capitals hasn’t even busted a load in our faces yet.

Philly’s playing the Isles right now.  1pm Sunday start, eesh.  Today, we are the biggest Isles fans.  Because if the Islanders win, the Penguins keep their standing atop the division, conference, and League.  It’s not like we can hope for a lot.  Islanders are 5-14-5.  But you have to win some of them.  We just looked at their stats, their leading point-getter among forwards, and leading goal-scorer, is. . .

Matt Moulson.  (followed closely by Greasy Boy Canada)

Go Matt Go.

Go Pens.


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