There’s actually hockey today.
If you were considering cuddling any game-used equipment you might own in bed last night, you’re not alone.
However, it’s actually a Philly/Montreal game at Bell Centre which is just disappointing.
Something not disappointing? Users of LiveJournal can now use the RSS feed!
The RSS feed in general seems to no longer be being a bitch, so everyone please syndicate that shit up on your favorite feed reader because you know you want to.

The Habs flag has been raised at the Canadian embassy in Berlin. Note the Reichstag in the background (srsly one of the coolest buildings ever).
We don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish with this. People in Berlin aren’t going to burn their city down or anything. The Americans did that already and frankly they’re pretty sad about it still.
Goodness knows the American embassy isn’t going to raise a Flyers flag. That would just be gauche of them.

Some asshole at Pirates Report mercilessly tore into the Pens and their ownership for no apparent reason. He obviously has never seen a game of hockey in his life and he took the article down before PH Staff could get a good look at it. Rest assured Pensblog has a screenshot and some Words of Job.

If you’re trying to find Empty Netters btw it’s actually harder than finding us right now. They have a new server as well. We actually just put them in our sidebar which is long overdue because EN obviously has a legitness that we cannot emulate.

Anyway, if you have to watch the hockey tonight, you have to watch the hockey.
For some of you it might be a pastime, but for a good portion of us, it’s an addiction. We’re PH for a reason.


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