sweat under the collar….kind of.

For a moment there, this is what the game last night felt like;
as though we were unwilling participants in the sexual adventures of the Jackets.
Tomas Kubalik, whose name isn’t even linked to anything in most articles about the game because, well, who the fuck cared about him before this game, was a man aflame. He had quuuiiitttteeee the entrance to the league, though in a preseason-ey way, meaning he will probably drop off of the face of the planet within the year.
We support his career, just not his career against the Penguins.
We’d like to welcome the press back to the world of hockey.
You always manage to create the most charming and sophisticated portraits of our men on the ice.
We thank you for your service and look forward to working with you in the coming year.
Please don’t make us cut you again.
Screaming “Please don’t touch us there, sirs” eventually got us out of trouble in the end of the game, but who doesn’t love a good high-scoring preseason game?

We don’t really mind what went down as long as the Pens are winning, some lesser-known guys are getting ice time and having fun, and no one gets hurt. As an aside, GoGo, you will get hurt (bitch slapped, stiletto stabbed, or handbag whipped) if you take stupid penalties.

Game tonight, half ass recap tonight.
It’s preseason, you know how we do.
Gearing up for another Stanley Cup winning season takes some recovery, some rest, and some preparation.
A magical post is happening tomorrow, as a reward for all yinz guys.
We suggest checking it out.

Go Pens

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