that’s the rub (hair league 10/26 update)

You can head on over to the hair league points page to get an updated look at the points for each player. And an updated leaderboard, but we’ll mention it here anyway:
1. Tied for first with 107 points: Strudels & Doodles, Alyssa T’s Team, Anna H’s Team.
2. Kaitlyn Made Me Do It with 90 points
3. Stache and Patch with 85 points

Fun fact: the highest-ranking team that doesn’t have Max Talbot is #11.
He is such a media whore.

A bajillion people have sent/e-mailed/tweeted this to us because of this:

Based on the content of the interview, we believe that this actually took place before the puck drop on October 7th, which means it technically doesn’t count. (Same deal with press photos of the boys on the red carpet at CEC on opening night–they weren’t available online until well after the game started, but that doesn’t mean they count.)
So: what is your thinking on this?
Short of calling Sean Conboy and asking him when he did the interview, we really can’t be sure, but we can ask for a general consensus among participants in the Hair League.
Also: of course Max throws the best parties. If you haven’t known that for years, we question your motives.

Please comment or e-mail with thoughts and concerns.

You all know what tomorrow is:


go pens.


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