the rise of a king and the fall of a queen

Please refer to Ann’s postgame post and submit your evil Blingees and evil Marc Staal mustache drawings to

Marc Staal has quickly become the least favorite Staal.
Also, if you were watching last night, you had to take one shot of Canadian whiskey at least because Steigerwald was all Staal Brothers Drinking Game on us.
Which might have lessened the sting of the fact that the Penguins power play isn’t just ineffective. It’s a liability. It’s a hilariously bad cause. If you watch the way the Penguins can sync up with each other 5 on 5 through long stretches of a game, it makes no sense. Even 4 on 4. Last night was some serious, good up and down action, and the Pens mostly looked like a real hockey team. They took the lead late. They went on the power play. You’re supposed to be 60 seconds from victory. Anything else is downright embarrassing.

ETA: Don’t get us wrong, we’re really happy to see the Pens earn a point in a game when Lundqvist was looking shutout city.
It was a great effort and they were rewarded for their hard work.
But then they fell asleep. Wild finish.
At least it felt like hockey.
We’re proud.

Also, the Penguins would have been better off giving Eric Godard Comrie’s 7:12 of ice time or something. What did Comrie do? Missed passes. Looked ineffective. Fought Ryan Callahan for no discernible reason. The game was scoreless at this point, the action was steady. Who fights there? Potash was talking to the new Pirates GM. No one cared that this happened. Comrie spent 47 seconds on a power play unit at some point. Christ.

Oh look Callahan scored the overtime winner:

He was probably thinking about banging HillDuff after the game.

We also maintain that Henrik is a Ken doll and we only have sex with real men. I mean he was at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last week.
We’re female potential lingerie customers and even we don’t want to be at the VS Fashion Show. Mostly because guys like Henrik hang out there.

Vancouver is tomorrow and also a possible Cupcake Day. We’ll keep you posted.

Go Pens.


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