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We’re just going to go out there and say that it’s unlikely that the San Jose Sharks will come back from a 3-0 deficit in the series against the Hawks.

Where would they be without Patrick Marleau? Jesus. For someone who got stripped of the C last season he sure is showing Mike Richards-caliber Leadership.

omg fat
Jury is still out on Byfuglien’s fatness. We don’t know how to handle it.

In about an hour, folks, you can continue watching the unfortunately more interesting series of the playoffs in the Habs/Flyers. It’s so funny how everyone is all over Michael Leighton’s balls, especially when our favorite reputable press photography aggregate doesn’t even know he plays for the Flyers:

The key to the playoffs is staying desperate. We worry about cocky-ass Chicago dealing with teams that have actually had to orchestrate comebacks. The Flyers or the Canadiens have a stunner element that could really fuck with Chicago. That is, unless San Jose shows up and wins four straight, in which case BRING THE COMEBACK MOTHERFUCKERS. BRING IT.

Can you tell we’re sick of this shit?
Here is a Trifecta of Annoying Photographs:

Subban comforting Bad Tits

How Leighton got his helmet centered so perfectly is a mystery for the ages.
Before we show you this last one make sure you’re sitting down:

Um so yeah. Flick on NBC this afternoon and keep a wastebasket nearby for puking.
EDIT: or the CBC if you’re in Canada in which case your broadcasting is less annoying but there’s probably some Habs homerism occurring.


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