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Hair League updates will come soon (like tomorrow before the game or some shit) one we wade through all of the media that has been thrust into our faces today.
Ben Lovejoy read to some kids.

. . .I mean, really. God, literacy is sexy.
That’s 35 hair points in the photo gallery right there.

Also, Dustin Byfuglien is fat. Sam Kasan from the Pens site made sure that America knows, and the media touched base about this sensitive issue with Pascal Dupuis:

On Byfuglien being a larger defenseman:
I don’t know how much he weighs out there, but he’s a really big dude. He plays the puck well and uses his body to an advantage. And he doesn’t get caught too much out of position, either. So he’s playing well.

Based on performance over the last 10 games, the Pens are the hottest team in the league right now, showing 9-0-1.
Next hottest team? The Detroit Red Wings, who are 8-1-1 and sitting atop the West.
During the Rangers game, Bob Errey managed to predict a Detroit/Pens SCF again, which will either look like a premonition from the gods or the dumbest thing ever said come late May.
Kinda hard to talk about. This is the time of the season, though, when you can no longer say “it’s only. . .”

Still, Atlanta.
How is there so much parity in the Southeast Division this season?
You know, you think you’ve seen everything. Then this happens.

This coloring is from everyone’s favorite, [Mouth Guard]. We don’t claim to understand it. But it is pretty special.
You should send your own MAF and Beej coloring sheet to
The more you color, the better things will be!

2 games for $44 in Atlanta. Awesome.

Ondrej Pavelec

Freddy Meyer

Tobias Enstrom

We almost put Burmistrov. But he was born in 1991. Even though he is 19 we feel like that is illegal.

And listen: we know we run a Pens site. But if we just did marry, fuck, or kill with Penguins it would get old VERY quickly.


Go Pens.


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