welcome to the new world, bitches.


Hey everyone.
You may notice that we’re trying on a new suit. And not one fashioned out of human flesh, as many have long suspected we might try.
Remember those big changes we kept alluding to in that annoying, noncommittal way? Well, this is the first huge step in that direction. In this post we’ll explain our reasons for the Great Move and then get into some technical details of how to work with the new system and how things are going to go now that cash-money is involved in this whole process. If you’re feeling angry or something, take a second to calm down and let us reason our way back into your heart through this post.

The Who, What, When and Where

Welcome to PH 2.0 – The Bloguin Server.
We promise we have zero motivation for this switch other than to provide you with more quality dick jokes, better information, more awesome prizes and just generally a better Puck Huffers experience.

If you are familiar with tPB, you remember their Great Switch as well. It was plagued with controversy and anger, some of which was coming directly from us. But now that we have been in the game a little longer, Adam and Derek have helped us see the light. There are just some things you honestly cannot expect to do with Blogger.
In comes Bloguin. Check this new layout, compliments of the famous Steven S. Check out a mad easy commenting system (more on this later). More layout options, better feature control, just a generally really pimp setup.
Also, for any of ya’ll worried about censorship you’ve heard Bloguin might enforce?
Don’t worry, your content isn’t changing and we’re still The Bitches.
Adam, Derek, Steven S, and everyone at Bloguin deserve our eternal gratitude for helping us through this whole process. Gorgeous people.

Now, let’s talk business here. Obviously there are ads. You know that we’ve discussed this in the past and have been highly hesitant to incorporate such a thing. We don’t want to feel like we’re exploiting you guys or abusing any power.
So here’s the thing: If the ads are too much, there are some things you can technically do if you really must to rid your experience of them. We’ll mention that in the “how.” But for the most part, we ask that you embrace the fact that you are being marketed to. Why, you ask?
We still refuse to make revenue off of this site. It’s just not our scene to make money off of this, because we don’t want it to be a job. The moment we start feeling like we should be paid to do this is the moment that we’re going to want to slack off.
So, any money that may come in (and it’s not really a lot, so don’t get all excited here) is going directly out. To you. Via prizes, shipping costs for said prizes, and NHL store items through which we pay the beloved Intern Ann.
We think this is a solid compromise, yes?
We’ll go ahead and answer that for you.

We’re preparing for next season over here at Bloguin. It’s going to be stronger, faster, and just an all around shitshow of awesomeness, the likes of which you have almost forgotten due to a sometimes lackluster performance on our part this past season.
We’re kind of like the Pens. We were blogged out for the season, the previous season’s emotions and strains and partying left us a little lacking. But next season, it’s time to win it all once again.
What, you think we were going to let them get a new home without us getting a new pimp home too? Never.
We’ll take the Pens’ lead to the ends of the earth.
Expect thrills, chills, and continuous dick jokes and alcoholism.
We haven’t changed; only the server has.

The How

Comments: We’re sorry in general over the recent mess of commenting changes. This is our final change for the foreseeable future; we always knew the last one was a temporary fix.
We know a lot of you already have Bloguin accounts. Those of you who don’t, you’re going to need to if you want to join in on the commenting. It’s super easy, takes ten seconds, and allows for a cool little profile and total freedom of posting.
Any questions or concerns about commenting, e-mail us any time.

Ads: As we said, you should look upon these ads with happiness, as they mean prizes for you. But if you are like OMG NO FUCK THIS I AM NEVER READING THIS EVER AGAIN BECAUSE THIS THING WANTS ME TO BUY A PLANE TICKET TO DETROIT, GO TO HELL, then any basic adblocker on your browser will take them out of the picture. We don’t really support this because you must realize this is how Bloguin and your prizes exist, but really, we’re on your side no matter what you do because we love you most.

Anything else: We’re on constant watch for questions/comments/concerns from you guys in our inbox. We want to make YOU happy with the switch, whatever way we can.

So, Welcome and Enjoy.
Look forward to summer housecleaning and adventures, and all that is good in the world to come. We’re excited for the blank slate in front of us, both for the Penguins and PH.

More to come soon.
We’re just moving in, so expect some changes and updates around here as we get more comfortable with everything.
This will be www.puckhuffers.com by the end of the day, hopefully.
Juice for all.
Go Pens.

Comments are coming soon.  We’re trying to figure out how to make them happen.
Please register for Bloguin and we’ll take care of the rest soon!
Love you.

Comments now work!  Feel free to make some. . . and let us know what kind of presents ya’ll want for sticking with us.  :)
Go Pens.
*You also may experience some domain name redirection issues.  But the Internet needs time to hiccup these things out.  Patience.  If it turns into some major long-term issue we’ll probably just burn down our DNS.  Metaphorically.

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