Just got Internet back, and discovered that the first episode of HBO’s 24/7 is
now available on the Pens site.

If you haven’t seen it, head over and see it.
We have a lot of questions and comments, in no particular order:
– It’s like you almost feel bad for the Caps, because they don’t seem to have a culture of work ethic to fall back on. That much is being said by Boudreau and the players. It’s bizarre.
– It’s like you almost hate the way the Penguins are portrayed, because you know that after this episode leaves off, the Pens drop 2 games. You can’t imagine that they are irreparably discouraged, but it’s not all fun and games in Penguins land, you know?
– Need to know context of the snowball fight at the end of the episode.
– Sid looks really good.
– Who dresses Bourdreau in the morning?
– Pascal Dupuis talking to his children is a billboard advertisement to every man and woman ever saying CHILDREN ARE ADORABLE, PLEASE HAVE SEX AND MAKE SOME MORE NOW.
– Mike Green is just as emo as we expected him to be.
– Evs is adorable in practice.
- Feel bad for Hannan, legit. And you gotta wonder why they talked to him so much. Were other Caps players unwilling?
– The decision to so prominently feature the MaxPalace puzzles us. We worry that they are trying to systematically destroy our souls. Particularly my soul.
– Bylsma’s pregame talks will make you wet.
– Backstrom is kind of stupidly adorable.
– If anyone played this and followed the rules, they are dead. Dead.
– When Sid finally curses we’re going to down an entire bottle of Crown Royal.

Open thread for your own discussions ensues. We’ll update Hair League tomorrow and probably other things.
Right now apparently we have to watch BBC America and eat Eggos.


p.s. found this on the Tumblr machine:
So glad Max knows he’s dangerous. 


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