we’re going to hell for this

We’ve already established that we have so little to care about until free agency happens, basically.
However, tomorrow night is still an important night in hockey. While we will not be adversely affected by anything that happens until July 1, we still kind of know what would be good for hockey, and that would be for the Flyers to force 7.
If this idea annoys you, just don’t be a homer:

  • The Flyers are the underdogs in this series–you have to love seeing underdogs pull it out a little bit, even if they don’t ultimately win.
  • If the Pens can’t be winning, we want the hockey to be exciting. There’s nothing interesting about watching a team other than our team pull out to a 4-0 lead and coast to victory.
  • If Chicago wins in 7, good for their fans in the arena! Wooo!
  • If Philadelphia wins in 7, the hockey gods will have an aneurysm at two teams two years in a row winning Game 7 for the Cup on the road. And it’s probably that sort of whack in the balls that the league needs to usher out trap-minded teams and coaches and encourage teams to USE their talent and get adventurous. Philadelphia, a 7 seed, would not be where they are without some serious balls. Admit it.
  • Neither team has been more classless than the other. There is a serious douche contingent on both teams. This is not an easy case of “good” versus “evil”, or rooting for a lesser evil. It basically comes down to choosing which variety of douche you prefer on the side. Do you like the cocksure assholery and grease stains of the modern day Blackhawks, or the shameless menagerie of bitching and shit-sucking that is the 2009-2010 Philadelphia Flyers? It’s like choosing between bacterial and viral conjunctivitis. Whatever.
  • In the event of a Game 7 we’ll probably write some kind of NBC-oriented drinking game, and you KNOW you want us to come up with another drinking game.

In other news:
1. The Pronger-in-a-dress thing that everyone is LOLing about on Twitter and Facebook really isn’t that interesting or funny. Get over it. We really wouldn’t be surprised if Pronger did dress in drag in his spare time, though. He’d make an intimidating lady.
2. No pics from recent press conferences or whatever on our favorite press photography website means they didn’t happen.
3. Pudding to start for Philly tomorrow night.


Nothing else. Everyone is an asshole. We don’t care.
Re-sign Mark Eaton or something and at least give Jordan Leopold our numbers so he can text us and we can invite him to picnics.


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