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Update: official word from Pens that John Barbero has passed.
We wanted his voice in Consol. A very, very, very sad day.

A lot has been going on lately, believe it or not. Really, though, we can’t claim we’re privy to it personally.
We just love hockey. It is seriously about high time that the season starts and puts us out of our misery.
Rumors going around that Pens announcer John Barbero was not doing very well today and may have passed away this evening. No confirmation, but either way you should keep him and his family in your thoughts. What. A. Voice. Overenthusiastic monster truck guys like they have in Washington should respect.

Our Blingee contest does indeed have a resolution. Here is a mere taste of what is to come:

from our personal Blingee Master, [TP]

Finally, Consol Energy Center glimmering in yesterday’s sunshine after the big rainstorm:

If you’ve been to CEC lately, it feels like an exhibit from the future. All of the gates are named after companies. The inside looks bright white like a concept sketch–which is strangely exciting.

The old barn:

Might be one of the last times I get to see it.
She’s pretty, isn’t she?

That’s all for now. Big stuff coming soon. I know we keep promising that, but we still think next season is “soon.”
We have no concept of time. If we did we’d die waiting for hockey.


check out tomorrow at NOON for a live stream of the press conference where we get big-time Winter Classic logo/uniform announcements and Gary “Horsehair Plaster” Bettman action. Dear god.


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