your very first fantasy update

People are already upset that they didn’t get the chance to pick Mike Comrie, but all’s fair in love and war. Maybe you should have waited to pick your team, or maybe you should have compared the ratio of casual pics on Google image search in which he is wearing a hat.

In regards to duplicate teams:
We had no idea that this many people would enter. So far nearly 100 people have done so. Obviously there is a finite number of teams that can be created, and there will be duplicates. Basically it doesn’t matter unless duplicate teams are involved in the top 3 rankings at the end of the season. If it turns out that a HUGE amount of people are tying at the top, we’ll launch into a playoff round before distributing prizes, in which you will be forced to pick different players, and it is possible that different criteria will be set for points.
Seeing as the Hair League is 100% experimental, we obviously don’t have all of the kinks worked out.
We’re equally surprised at the volume of entrants as it is still Summer in Hockeyland and our attempts to plug it to bigger sites failed. We expected 30 people, maybe 50. The response has been overwhelming and we are working on advanced technology (like AutoSum in Numbers) to keep track of your scores.
There’s no way in hell we’ll be posting all of the scores every week, just maybe the top 10-20 depending on how the points are distributed. We will post each player’s point total. You can add three numbers together and keep up with your own score. You’re not retarded. If you’re super lazy you don’t have to do it until the last day of the regular season–but really, we’re not babysitting you.
It is a Hair League. Let’s keep this point fresh in our minds.

Eventually we’ll post a list of thoughts and feelings regarding certain picks. We don’t want to unduly influence any future picks. These are truly delicate matters.

go Pens.


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