announcement: dicks, etc.

We first need to apologize for being the worst bloggers and not generating any content in this misty desert of an offseason, but let’s be honest: not much has been going on, and we’re still in recovery from July 1. This is an absolutely godless undertaking, this summer. Few things are okay. Have we posted Steve Sullivan porn yet? No?

As in every offseason, we all want to believe that all of our problems will soon be solved, our feelings set in order with overwhelming sensations of resolution. We know this never happens. We’re starting to get excited again. At the end of this fucking Death Valley shit there is hockey. Praise Curry (of the Hamburg Freezers). Start stocking up on Craig Adams jerseys, right? Because he just hasn’t broken our hearts yet.

In all honesty, the post that we are working on is a cleansing. Many will be missed and maligned, but after two years of our lives in which things haven’t seemed quite right, we’re ready to accept the changes and move on to better places that aren’t ruined by nostalgia or Asshole Disease. So we will cleanse ourselves of these things, or at least accept the past and the future, and. . .yup. That’s what we’re working on. Exciting, no?

The world is changing.
Go Pens.


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