because you need something else to spend money on

Two of us at PH are young adults in the throes of college and post-college poverty. Mary is, of course, a perfect human with a real house and even a yard and a dog, so you don’t have to worry about her. Anyway, if you, have some pocket money, and you’re living under a rock, you may not have yet heard about the new Rinkotology game from the Pensblog:

As NHL fantasy games go, we’d always rather play this one, because it’s less bloated than Yahoo! or ESPN or whatever the fuck else you play and affords you the opportunity to play within the closer-knit community of NHL bloggers and dedicated fans, without being all lame and trying to set up some kind of email chain with your friends and feeling all overcommitted.

So anyway, that’s our shameless plug for the day.

In what was widely recognized as a great show of irony, Shero acknowledged at the Town Hall Meeting that this week the Pens will be going to play in Kansas City. And then coming back after dick-whipping the arena, supposedly.
The whole write-up is here on the Pens site. There are some choice quotes. Sid’s favorite song is “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and Fleury doesn’t even care about music. Please indulge all your fantasies about song meanings starting now.

Red carpet analysis for casual wear:
We are not sure about any of this, actually, but Jordan looks happy, so w/e.

Appropriate jeans fit, MAF.  And good shirt color.  Appropriate.  Flip-flops are such a gray area, though.  But it’s probably hot as balls outside, so whatever.

Geno is perfect.  Russians can get away with those jeans.

An ominous photo, but no flip flips present.

General joy and hilarity.

We didn’t get to red carpet analyze Ktang but that’s probably for the better.
Girls’ complaints and fussing and fawning about his hair starting in 3. . .2. . .1. . .

In conclusion, we’re just gonna leave this here.

Shippin’ out to Kansas soon, eh?


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