by now you know

Look at Gene, with his mouth all open and shit.
This photo represents a time we want to forget soon, when the Winter Classic was the biggest deal ever and Sid and Evgeni couldn’t get shit going. And we were all taking crap for it.
If Gene’s knee is in fact 100%, tonight’s the night he gets to show it.

Sid’s visiting Trina and Troy.  Eating oatmeal while watching Project Runway reruns.  etc.
It’s like every day of your winter break, basically.

Also, ever remember how no one cares about the Heritage Classic?
Well, we just found out, it’s in like 2 weeks. Catch up on it? If you care?
God the Flames are in it. What garbage.

btw, Brent Johnson literally broke DiPietro’s face. And apparently he has a swollen knee. 4-6 weeks out. Dang.

Tonight’s going to be weird.
Go Pens.


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