We remember you, you asshole.
We remember thinking that if you just suffered and blew it for a few more years, you’d be ready to win the Cup. Then you got it up too early and somehow got faced with the task of facing MICHAEL LEIGHTON in a Stanley Cup Final. It was all over.

Now, we have no mercy. You’ve just been such rudeasses. We still don’t believe that you earned your glory or your reputation. Like a 16-year-old who rolls into the school parking lot the day after he receives his license in a brand-new BMW 6-series, we are not going to be your friend or go to your parties.

Oh fuck they are on top of the West (and the League) they’re even better than the Great Minnesota Wild we better watch the fuck out.

We’ve just read that Staal and Adams are skating this morning at an apparently optional skate.
Good sign?  maybe?

Go Pens.


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