descent into madness.

Hellz yeah, keepin’ the potential home ice advantage.
PH Staff took a by night last night, to deal with various life emergencies. However, we both were lucky enough to catch (most of) the game, and good for us, because it was pretty motivational.

While there’s no definite word on Sid yet, we’re looking forward to wrapping this season up and getting into the playoffs. Hopefully this season will go out like a lamb, and we can win the Cup without too many people trying to make a fuss about being in our way.

We’ll bbl with real content. We love all ya’all and hope you’re enjoying the end of the season.
The Pens…every time they shoudn’t, they do, every time they can’t, they can, and every time they’ll only win if hell freezes over, Hitler gets a sweater.

Go Pens. 


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