downright unstoppable.

While this photo is technically from the last pre-season game and not tonight’s, it still explains how we feel about the goings on of this preseason. With one game left we are the u-word. This clearly forecasts an undefeated season.
Never losing again.

Tonight we came way behind on the shot count, but Brent Johnson was a beast and the shots we took counted. 

A great Friday night game. Preseason is so nice because you don’t have to stress about shit. Also, you can ease back into it so you don’t get teary eyed when you get media like this:

This scene is so familiar we feel it should be framed on our mantel.  

While we’ll miss the ease of preseason, we are so ready to get this last game out of here so we can get to the real season. Don’t get caught up in the SO – we don’t have to win everything in the preseason. Enjoy the last meaningless game. Starting the 6th, every game counts, and every game is a nail-biter.

That being said, let’s crush some Wings skulls.

Hair leaguers, we just got a special custom order completed from a lovely lady on Etsy, so we’re shipping our your packages soon. We know we said before season opener, but we are liars at our best. But we love you and wanted you to have something cool and custom.

Let’s get to the real shit.
Go Pens. 


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