extremely rude

this post kept breaking itself a bajillion times thanks to Joomla and the Internet, so we’ve made it a third time and hope you enjoy.

We have said goodbye to Jags.

We have said goodbye to Max.

But now it’s my turn to say goodbye to one of my favorite players.

Dear Mike Rupp,

Ever since Shero re-signed Arron Asham, I knew you probably wouldn’t stay with us, but I let myself believe that you might.

I have always enjoyed watching you punch dudes in the face and generally be awesome. I don’t care if you don’t score a lot of goals. I love what you do and most of all, how you go about doing it.

If I were fighting Mike Rupp, I'd have that look on my face too

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball

I have also enjoyed watching your Twitter feed and seeing pictures of you in tuxedo T-shirts. 

Gotta look your best if you're gonna meet Jesus

Worn on May 21, 2011, for the purported Rapture

Your Twitter is the best, by the way. You are definitely my favorite NHL tweeter. Mostly because you tweet things like this.

Even cheesesteaks can’t save that city

And things like this.

Wouldn't you retweet that?

Yes, I retweeted that

And God help me, I laughed harder than anyone when I saw you on 24/7 in that elf suit.

I love this more than I love a cold beer on a hot Christmas morning

Can I come have Christmas at your house? I promise I’ll bring my own presents. Hell, I’ll even bring presents for your kids.

I will remember you fondly, not only for what you did on the ice, but also for your off-ice pursuits as well.

I can’t think of a player who is more committed to charity work than you are.

Ignore that guy on the far right

Dude went to frickin’ Haiti to help out

I hope that you continue to bring that spirit of giving to your new home in New York.

In closing: stay classy, Mike Rupp. I don’t need to remind you of that, though – I know you will.

I'm gonna miss you, Rupper

Keep on being as awesome as you are, wherever you go and whoever you punch

Love, Mary

PS. Go Pens.